Thursday, June 4, 2009

Not Really About Diving

So I posted a while back about being in the dunk tank. Here it is - my maiden foray, pre-wetness.
I took a while to curl my hair that day and then walked around telling my students I spent 5 hours doing it to entice them to come try and dunk me.
One little "darling" who wasn't my student, was first up. She got mad that she didn't hit it and ran and pushed the lever. My students were SOOO mad! And I didn't blame them.
Anyway, it ended up I didn't need the wetsuit - one of the parents had used the school's hot water heater and tapped into that water. It was like a sauna. But what else was I gonna wear???
But at least I dug it out, along with the boots - it hurts to fall into that thing with bare feet!
I can officially now call myself a "dunkee."

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