Friday, June 12, 2009

The Weather

The good thing about diving is that you can do it in the rain. You can do it when the weather stinks and you can't lay in the pool and sunbathe. Unless of course, it is a thunderstorm and there is lightning. That's a whole separate ball game. GET OUT!

But anyway, the problem is, we have had SO MUCH rain that the sun hasn't had a chance to shine. Therefore, here it is in June, and the water temp is still COLD!

I heard that the last weekend in May the one spot we went to a lot last year (Rolla Quarry) was 59*. Sorry folks. I don't find that enjoyable.

So until we start getting some sun and warmer weather, I'm a landloving mermaid.

Oh, and if it sounds like I am whining, moaning, and complaining, you're right. I am!

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