Sunday, August 29, 2010


So two years ago during our dive master program we have to swim a really long way (800 yards? I don't remember) with nothing but mask, fins, and snorkel (face in the water the whole time). My snorkel has been crappy ever since a piece of sand damaged the bottom flow out valve (a little plastic disk) and it breathes very wet if you can breathe at all. You suck in for air very mindful to check if it really is air or you are filled up with water. Obviously, not the kind of snorkel you want to have to depend on for a very long, exhausting, timed swim.

Well, snorkels are not cheap. And I had just learned all about dead air. So I, trying to be smart, head to Dollar General and buy myself a dollar snorkel. It didn't stop there. I then CUT the snorkel down even further to reduce the dead air space.

The day came and I was ready for the swim. Hubby and I set off and I got about 20 yards and had to stop because I COULD NOT BREATHE AT ALL!!! I told him to go on and he did. I swam back and cheered him on. In the meantime, I'm searching for a snorkel to borrow so I can complete this "event."

So he finishes and I, with my borrowed snorkel and amid jeers and howls of laughter from others at my original makeshift snorkel, begin again, because I finally was able to catch my breath.

So a couple weeks ago, my students had given me a gift certificate for a local scuba store. I bought myself a real snorkel and I have to tell you, I like it. I can breathe :)