Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My First Aid Kit List for Diving

Geez - has it been that long???

Ah, well. I'm just going to ease back in here.

Let's talk about one of my favorite things - safety and first aid. (No, really, it is.)

I thought I would share what I take on a fresh water (not overnight) dive in the first aid kit. (Yes, there's more for salt water and overnights)

1. tweezers

2. Benadryl or some form of it.

3. eye drops

4. ear drops

5. q tips

6. neosporin

7. bactine (gotta love that stuff)

8. liquid bandaid (comes in a bottle like nailpolish and is great for in the water)

9. regular bandaids in assorted sizes

10. roll of gauze

11. a bandage wrap (like for sprained ankles)

12. scissors

13. needle (for splinters - no I am not about to sew anyone up)

14. ibuprofen, tylenol, and regular aspirin

15. antidiarhea pills and or gas ex

16. something to soothe the stomach, like pepto or tums

17. oragel swabs

18. something for bee and wasp stings

19. cotton balls

20. baby wipes

21. rescue mask!!!

22. plastic gloves

Most of these are self-explanatory. A lot of goofy stuff can happen when you are on land, or in the water for that matter. I personally would rather be prepared for the small stuff than have to cut diving short because you have to drive to the nearest drug store for something. Do I think I am a bit overprepared? Yes. But I don't mind and it's there if I ever need it. And it's not like it takes up that much space. Besides, when you prepare for it, it usually doesn't happen.

As a side note, we always pack a roll of toilet paper too. You never know - where you're going might be out (or completely water logged).

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