Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Types of Divers

photo by gracey on morguefile.com
I go by diver daisy in a lot of circles and places. Everywhere I am diver daisy, people always ask "What kind of diver?"

I have often been put off by this question because I don't always think they are being kind. Then I had someone ask "Are you a sky diver?" and I realized there were a lot of different kinds of divers.

On the way home tonight I thought what I might blog about. That question came back up in my mind. And away I went into a list of "divers." (For those of you who don't read my everything daisy blog, I'll clue you in a bit - I LOVE LISTS)

1. Of course, the scuba diver.

2. Those crazy people, the sky divers. I just really have no idea what would make them want to do that. I make myself go off the high dive, have jumped off a bridge underpinning (hope you don't read this mom) and have done the Dragon's Tail at Six Flags (kinda like a bungee jump but more like a sideways swoosh rather than an up/down rubberband kinda thing). That whole free fall feeling just tingles my nerves for those things, which I don't find a particularly pleasant feeling. Could I jump out of a plane if I had to? No doubt. But I wouldn't find it all that amusing.

3. The people who stand on diving boards, platforms, and cliffs and jump into water are also called divers. They don't seem to have a label in front of the word diver. At least not until they attempt something crazy, like "high platform diver", "cliff diver" or Olympic diver.

4. Then we get into more loose terms of a "diver" with the stage diver. Jumping into a sea of people just wouldn't be my thing. And besides, they would probably all move back and let me hit the floor. That's when you yell, "Diver down!"

5. The last type I was able to come up with is the dumpster diver. I'm not too keen on this either as dumpsters tend to smell terrible and look disgusting on the sides. Being a trash picker would be way better because it implies that the trash is strewn about in the open air and you are just using a stick to look through it.

Maybe in all those circles I should change my name to scuba diver daisy for clarification. I wouldn't want anyone to think I was crazy :)

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