Friday, March 6, 2009

More Types of Divers

I'm tired tonight. It has been a long week. Parent teacher conferences are long, despite the fact that I enjoy them tremendously.

So tonight, I will post a twist on the last post, also entitled "Types of Divers."

The Cool Macho Guy - you have all met him. And yes, it has to be a guy. He dives because he thinks it is a great way to meet chicks and will impress them. He didn't realize that most people who dive are men. He wears his thick gold chains, takes an extra long time putting on his wetsuit so everyone can see the muscles, and , eh gad, wears those dog gone Speedos.

The Whiz without a Clue - This is the person (male or female) who can pass all the exams without ever opening a book because they know all about physics, half-lifes, and pressure. They could probably build their own gear. But you get ready to take a dive and they are like, "Uh, I gotta get in the water to dive?" Their physical skills are about nill and a newborn is way more coordinated and adept at moving in the water.

The Underwater Geek - This person has every single underwater gadget you have ever heard of and then some. He bumps into you the entire dive as he fiddles with this or that and when you get out, you ask him if he saw the giant shark in the cave that he passed and he asks, "What cave?" cause he was too busy playing with the gianormous arm of the light strobe for his ultra high power camera.

The Old Timer - This guy (and once again, it really does need to be a guy because there weren't many woman divers way back when) dives with gear that should be in a museum. Or he has put it together himself. He doesn't care about the safety rules as those are for "sissies." Diving buddy? Who needs that? Regulator? Oh, yeah, those are great but if it doesn't work, I can just do "this" (take off the tank valve) and I got a whole bunch of air.

The Vacationer - "I'm a diver. I just jumped off the boat and headed down and looked around." "Yeah, I didn't realize there was someone I was supposed to follow. Or someone in charge of the dive." "Oh, look, there's my gear all ready to go and set up. It must have been that fairy of scuba divers." "Watch this! Ahhhhhhhh"

The Rest of Us - "Dang that was fun. Let's have a beer now and do it again tomorrow."

I'd be happy if anyone added to this list :) Amuse me!

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