Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Forgot One

Oh dear. I forgot a type of diver. This would be me today if I had to go diving cause I am so tired.

The Lazy Girly Diver - has to be a girl. "Honey, can you bring my tank over here?" "Darling, I am getting a lot of good sun right now. Can you set up my gear while I am laying here?" "Oh damn, I just broke a nail. I hate these stupid thick wetsuits. They really aren't very cute are they?" "You're ready to go in? You're hot? Is my gear ready?" "Yes, that's my gear down in the water. Can you bring it up here and take it apart? I have to go to the bathroom." "Oh yummy. Lunch time. What did you pack?" "All that diving wore me out. Can you drive home so I can take a smidge of a nap?"

I'm sure you've all seen this diver too. :) Just couldn't leave us girls out in the bashing hehe!


TwoTank said...

I have definitely been that girl! Apart from the broken nail, the driving, and the lunch. I'm not always that bad, but I can get lazy sometimes. Especially with lugging gear! Hey, if golfers get caddies, why can't scuba divers have something similar? Scuba Caddies. What do you think?

But then again, it feels good to lug your own tank around, and setting up your own stuff is key if you want to feel confident on a dive.

Hugs and fishes,

Diver Daisy said...

I love the idea of scuba caddies!!! But I think that idea has already been used. They are called divemasters :) hahaha At least that is how I feel some times as I lug 10 peoples' gear to the pool for them.

Yes and you are right. It's one thing to not feel like doing your gear and it is something else completely not KNOWING how to set up your gear.

Thanks for stopping by!