Saturday, February 21, 2009

Scuba Favorites

I have declared it Favorite Day on all my blogs. This one will be focused on diving.

Favorite animal to see in the water - manatees and trigger fish

Favorite time to dive - night time, of course. I love the disco effect in the ocean.

Favorite place to dive - easy - anywhere warm! But really, we love going to Jamaica to the all-inclusives. I don't know that the diving is spectacular but you just can't beat the price deals. All your diving and meals and drinks.

Favorite diving TV show - we used to LOVE the Aquanauts series where they went all over. I don't think it is still on and I don't know why.

Favorite piece of dive gear - I've been thinking about this long and hard. I would have to say it is my custom fit mouth piece for my regulator. I hate using anything else. It really saves my jaw. Although I am pretty partial to my mask and flap strap too. And I kinda like having my underwater camera, even though it isn't anything fancy.

Favorite dive buddy - HUBBY of course. I am so glad it is something we can share and do together.

Favorite scuba memory - my first night dive :)

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