Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How to See Underwater :)

Yes, I wear glasses. No, not just for the sun. My glasses are getting thicker and thicker every other year. But at least I am not as bad off as my younger sister! :) I'm at 100/20 or somewhere there about.

I love my bright hot pink new glasses. They have a magnetic clip for the sunglasses. They are cute and fun and funky. But they can't go underwater.

The first time I had contacts, I had a lot of problems. I kept getting major calcium deposits on them and went through them like crazy.

A lot has changed since 20 years ago. I have the extended wear now, and they are a beautiful bright blue that enhance my own blue-gray eyes. And they DO go underwater.

Lots of students in classes are worried about losing a contact in the water. I can honestly say I have NEVER had a problem. Never lost one. And being a divemaster candidate, I spent a lot of time in the water this past summer. Both the pool and the "pond."

Lots of mask on, mask off (which isn't quite as cool as the Karate Kid's wax on, wax off). Lots of open eyes under the water to demonstrate to students and to complete certain skills in the divemaster program.

I have been diving for 10 years. I have never lost a contact in the water. Now I am not saying it couldn't happen easily, but for those who consistently wear contact lenses, I would at least give it a try before buying a prescription mask.

A prescription mask seemed so limiting to me. I couldn't use another one if mine got lost, misplaced or forgotten. I couldn't use a buddy's spare. I would have always had to bring my own on every trip, even if the place would provide one. It just wouldn't have worked for me.

So for all you contact wearers who are just about blind without them, try a swim or snorkel with them in. The replacement of one contact is a lot cheaper than a prescription mask.

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