Monday, February 16, 2009

Scuba Diving Hair

So who else but a girl would talk about hair when it comes to diving?? But this article isn't just for girls and women. Guys, keep reading too.

I have long hair. It is often a problem when it comes to diving. It has been tangled around the hoses, the tank valve, the snorkel and about every piece of velcro used anywhere on diving gear. But I so LOVE looking as much mermaid-like as I can underwater!!! Often though, reality takes control and I put it in a braid/ponytail, which curbs much of the problems and diminishes the mermaid look completely. I look more like a seal. No, not a Navy seal either.

Once out, the braid/ponytail is a much better choice again, as getting a comb or pick through the tangled masses of dirty, mucky, algaed wet hair can be a humongous chore that I often try to hide in a ball hat rather than deal with. And if I came out of the ocean, well even though my hair is straight as a board, it becomes this giant frizz ball.

Bangs - now here is a definite problem. Underwater they are ok unless you are trying to put a mask back on. I have also seen this problem occur with guys too. I have no answers or suggestions - guys might look pretty silly if they bobby pin their bangs back before heading into the water and putting their mask on.

Most men scuba divers I known opt for the easy way out. A shave of the head. Bald or military short. But this "hairdo" can bring on its own set of problems, with sunburn being the worst. Many men are turning to the skull caps and this had saved many a heads from sunburn and pain. From what I have heard, they also keep your head a smidge warmer while diving.

I guess if we went back to the old diving helmets, none of this would be an issue. We would be more worried about neck pain and not being able to see very easily. But I don't think that is the way of the sport.

Someone needs to invent something cute and divey like to keep everyones bangs out of their face and eyes, whether in water or on shore. I'll buy one!


Martial Arts Mom said...

And you inventors out there...make it pink and you'll have a sale from DiverDaisy for sure!!! : )

Diver Daisy said...

you know it!! sparkles would be nice too :)