Friday, January 23, 2009

Scuba Diving is a Small World

I went to a meeting the other night for NEA. I arrived an hour early and just sat working on my computer (or "Pewter") as my 3 year old niece calls it.

As I sat there, FINALLY someone showed up. He had on a scuba diving jacket from a "rival" dive shop. (Yes, here in my city, they are all rivals and none of them like the other. Strange. It isn't the instructors or the students. It's just the dive shops in general that can't get along, but anyway . . .)

I immediately struck up a conversation. It is so rare to find a fellow diver and it tends to be a unique sport. I asked him about his shop and which one it was exactly. From there we proceeded to talk about local dives (Rolla, Dive Stop, and Mermet). Then we talked about the divemaster class. He is an instructor, so he had been through it. He asked how far I was and I explained the 2 measly things I still had to do.

Then, we spent the next 10 minutes talking about the equipment exchange. Everyone seems to have their own horror story. And everyone wants to hear everyone elses! It really is a small amount of people that you meet that can relate to that particular experience.

Personally, my story will be a long one, so that will probably be the next post, as I came home from that ordeal and wrote it all down and have been dying to get it on here. So stay tuned!

Anyway, I enjoyed getting to chat with someone about diving and share experiences. I am ready to hear about your scuba experiences so feel free to comment!


Martial Arts Mom said...

Diver Daisy, I'm probably your only blog reader who is actually petrified of deep water. LOL! Just my phobia...Betch can't relate to that one, can you?

Also, a good post would be what it was that made you decide to start diving. I'd like to see that - it would be interesting.

Diver Daisy said...

You are funny :) No, I can't relate. But at the same time I don't want to jump out of a plan. And I do the high dive but worry about not peeing on myself before I hit the water!

I will do the "why I started" one soon, just for you :)