Sunday, January 18, 2009


My pond is frozen over. The larger pond down the way is frozen over. No watery waves or ripples to see anywhere. Just ice. How my poor fish do it is beyond me. I guess they don't get miserable in the cold.

It all got me to wondering when spring will REALLY arrive and how much longer after that it will take for the water to warm up.

I don't remember ever diving in April. May seems a bit early too.

The water needs so much sun to warm up. And then there is that period where the water turns over - murky, cloudy, ick.

We have dove well into September though. Some of the braver souls around here dive in October and cut out pumpkins - weirdos! :) I think I might be fine IN the water at that time of year but coming out to frigid cold really doesn't excite me at all especially if you already got chilled in the water.

I talked to a guy once who went ice diving. YIKES! Not only is it cold, you have to deal with getting lost under the ice. Not my idea of fun.

I'm ready for warm waters.

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