Monday, October 20, 2008


So where do I start? At the beginning of the journey? When I snorkeled over my husband when he was 60 ft. down and I couldn't get down because of my ear? And how bad I wanted to be down there with him? Or maybe my first dive just 2 days before that, when the divemaster at the resort (Breezes Runaway Bay Jamaice - great dive people) worked painstakingly slow to get me to the bottom because I wasn't a good equalizer?

I still have that video of my very first ever resort course dive. I had a death grip on the poor divemaster. But look what he has done for me! His patience was immense, and my desire to dive was just as strong. And now, I am just a smidge away from being a divemaster myself.

That first dive I was hooked as soon as I got down and by the time it was over, there wasn't a death grip anywhere. What an amazing transformation that took place in my mind. Being weightless (although not so good at that part back then) and the peace, quiet, and beauty of the alien world before me. Seeing things that not everyone gets to see. I think that was a big attraction for me at first. The wonder and curiosity of what was really down there.

During that time my husband was actually getting his certification. He fell in love the first day, and while I enjoyed it, I wasn't ready to pour all the money into something I would do maybe once a year. (Yeah, right)

So, I came back from Jamaica and realized a month later that it WAS something I wanted to do. So I began the journey of my certification here in the midwest. But that will be for the next post :)

My intention was to start with my divemaster course and explain the difficulties and successes that have come with the coursework. But I felt I needed a slower introduction, and a bigger view to the path. Because it really has been an amazing journey.

I hope you return to read about the journey and I hope it inspires you on your path, whatever path that may be, whether it is diving or not.

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