Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hello to You (and Me)

Hello all. My husband and I are scuba divers who live in the Midwest of the United States. There aren't a lot of warm tropcial spots here - we mostly have cold murky quarries. But we sure do enjoy it.

We are just about to finish our divemaster program. (I have to retake a test and demonstrate 7 more skills to a class and I will be done). I have journaled about the process we have gone through and wanted to share it with those who are interested, so that will be the subject of many posts.

I will also be writing about dive spots, dive trips, gear, working with students, and a myriad of other topics - all related to diving. Check back regularly, as I am a good poster (meaning I post often) and comment returner. (I currently have another blog unrelated to diving)

I just set this blog up tonight and wanted to make a post to say hi to everyone. Check back soon for a real scuba diving blog post!

Happy Bubbles .o0O%.o0O

Diver Daisy

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