Sunday, March 22, 2009

Washing the Wetsuit; Getting Rid of the Funk

Sometimes just the rinse with the hose isn't enough. Maybe I didn't let it dry completely. Maybe it sat partially damp in the dive trunk. Maybe the water was unusually foul. Maybe they just got really muddy and mucky.

And then there are those stinky boots. WHO KNOWS what might be lingering in those!

But sometimes, these things (all this neoprene stuff) gets to stinkin'. Funky ick.

They make special rinse agents you can buy at the dive shop. But I am not into that kinda specialized stuff - I like things to be all purpose.

Here's what I do: (and of course, it is in the form of a list - would you expect anything else??)

1. Load up ALL the neoprene stuff (wetsuits, boots, gloves, hoods, etc) and fasten every zipper and piece of velcro perfectly secure.

2. Add to that the weekend's swimsuits, towels, etc.

3. Put it all in the washer on gentle with Woolite and lots of the nice smelling fabric softener.

4. When it is done, we hang it outside to dry in the shade.

Hubby is currently planning his thoughts on building a specialized rack for drying our scuba gear. We really could use one. If anyone has plans they could share, that would be great.

Anyway, this REALLY keeps the suits and such nice and sweet smelling and I haven't noticed any terrible wear and tear from the washings. Yes, the process is quite drippy and heavy, but it is so worth it being the one who smells GOOD in my wetsuit.

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