Saturday, March 14, 2009

Scuba Diving Music

Has anyone seen these? Or used one?

The price does NOT, I repeat DOES NOT include the mp3/ipod. That price is for the housing and the earphones only!!! How crazy is that??

Anyway, it would be nice to listen to peaceful music underwater. It would be funny to loan it to someone and have the "Jaws" soundtrack on it :) You could have a whole playlist of "ocean/diving" music!

Here is a possible song list.

Under the Sea (from the Little Mermaid)

Yellow Submarine by the Beatles

Bent (hehe) by Matchbox 20

and here is a link to a post from Scuba Board about just this subject - they came up with some good ones too :)

But really, it is like music listening to the bubbles and the steady rhythmic breathing. I need THAT on my mp3 player! Does anyone know if that is available anywhere for free?

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