Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why Did I Start Scuba Diving?

What made me think I could do it? What made me even want to do it?

I asked hubby the other night because I really didn't know.

He said it started when we got married in Jamaica. We saw them going out and thought we would like to try it and were kicking ourselves when we got home.

I said, "Yes, okay, but what made us even think about doing it?"

He replied, "We're adventurous." (yeah that is me jumping into the water)

Which is true. I love doing different things. I love trying new things, to an extent. I still go to McDonalds and order the same thing over and over. I rarely try new food. I know what I like. I hate the changing of plans or rituals. But I do like to experience different things. And I am awfully dog gone curious.

I wondered what was down there. What did it look like? What could you see? What was there?

Nowadays I am much more comfortable down under than floating on the top. You can't see anything from up there. I would rather see something scary and face it head on than not know it was there.

So I guess it was all about the unknown. And I could make it known, so I (we) did.

But I had a lot on my side before we ever even started. My whole life we had swimming pools. I spent my summers swimming and was never afraid of the water. We canoed and swam in rivers. I went on cruises with my family when I was young and saw the vastness of the ocean. We visited beaches.

Water is very comforting to me.

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