Sunday, November 2, 2008

One of the Keys to Scuba Diving

Last night my husband got a call from one of the instructors at the shop we are affiliated with.(Midwest Scuba - check them out online :)
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As I said in an earlier post, we are only "inches" away from completing the divemaster course.

We have all the hard stuff out of the way and all our practicals are completed. But cold weather (not snow and sleet, but cooler water temperatures) hit and we became "invisible" at the dive shop. We used to be there every weekend over the summer, and then at least one evening during the week. I haven't been in almost 2 months now.

But hearing from our friend/instructor got us chatting about diving and finding time to finish. It was much needed.

In the meantime, a woman I work with has called them to get started on her rescue diver course. We have been chatting and emailing about it and I am now longing for diving.

So, one of the keys to diving?? Talk about it. Share it. Even over the icky cold months - talk with other people who dive so you can refuel your passion :)

Oh, maybe someday I will finish my story about my open water course. Hang in there if you are waiting :)

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